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Look at my sweet babies:)  I want this photo to be the permanent picture of our home life…laughter, hugs, enjoyment, fellowship…  It won’t happen without much effort, but isn’t it worth EVERY EFFORT??!!!  I’m not expecting perfection, but I’m striving for it!!!  God help me to learn and to grow into the mother that I was created to be!!!  Help us to transform into the family that we were created to be!!!  Amen


“A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” 

-Dr. Voddie Baucham

The truth is sometimes hard to hear, but Voddie Baucham does not hold back with this congregation full of pastors.  If you have some free time, please listen to this sermon.  You will not regret it.  For a Christian who is accustomed to the common setup of the “modern” church (specifically the children’s ministry), this message will blow your mind.  I know that as a former church nursery coordinator (who was considering a full-time staff position as nursery director), it is amazing to me that I didn’t see the truth about the children’s ministry and its unbiblical nature and the crippling effects its having on our future generation.  I knew that it wasn’t working, and that there needed to be a change.  I didn’t have a clear picture of what that was until I heard Voddie Baucham preach.  The ‘modern’ church needs to rearrange their priorities, focusing on equipping parents to disciple the next generation, or the future of our Christian faith will suffer greatly.

The Centrality of the Home by Voddie Baucham

Please visit this link to Voddie Baucham Ministries’ blog and read his blog titled “Barack Obama: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”.  He and I are absolutely on the same page when it comes to our views on Barack Obama and abortion.  And the statistics Voddie refers to, in regards to the abortion rates among minorities, were just mind-blowing, and heart-breaking.  Also, his testimony about the value of his son’s life (which was spared by his mother through adoption rather than abortion) was just wonderful.   

If you get a chance to, it would also be well worth your time to check out his other blogs.  I spent almost 2 1/2 hours doing that tonight (which I don’t recommend, since I should absolutely be sleeping right now:)   I started reading and I just couldn’t stop.  It’s good stuff:)  He also wrote a book that I recently purchased for my husband titled “Family Driven Faith” that is just plain beautiful.  I’ve only read about half of it at this point, but so far I agree with everything that I have read.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

Friday, April 18, 2008 





An excerpt from “Home-Making”, a book by J.R. Miller:

“Why should not a brother make a confidante of this own sister rather than of any other?  Why should not a sister look to her own brother for counsel, for protection, for advice, rather than to any other?  Why should not brothers be proud to have their own sisters lean up on their arms?  And why should not sisters be proud to look up into the faces of their brothers, and feel secure in the shelter of their manly love?  But instead of this what do we often see?  The brothers turn away from their own homes to find their companionships and friendships in other circles.  As if their own sisters were not worthy of them, or it were a shame for a young man to devote himself in any measure to his sisters as soon as they were old enough to be their companions they begin to seek other friendships.  The sisters are then left to go unprotected or to accept that courtesy and shelter from others which their own brothers have failed to give.

          Brothers and sisters are each other’s natural keepers.  If they fulfilled their duties in this regard, the one to the other, life would show fewer wrecks.  They should shield each other.  They should be an inspiration to each other in the direction of all noble thought and better life.  They should be each other’s guardian angels in this world of danger and of false and fatal paths.

          …There is also a most blessed angel ministry of sisters in behalf of their brothers…  May I try to tell you, dear girls, how you can indeed be your brothers’ guardian angels?  Show them in your own lives at home the perfect grace and beauty of true, noble and lofty womanhood.  Strive after all that is delicate, all that is pure, all that is tender, all that is holy and sacred in their divine ideal of woman.  Show them in yourselves such perfect loveliness that they will turn away ever after from everything that is unlovely.  Make virtue so as they see it embodied in you, that they will always be repelled by vice.  Let them see such purity of soul, such sweetness of spirit, such divine sanctity, that wherever they go your influence will hang about them like an armor of defense, or, like an angel, hover above their heads in perpetual benediction.

          Brothers should also be their sisters’ guardians.  Can a young man be manly and treat his own sisters with less respect and honor than he treats other young ladies?… He should make himself a wall about his sister to shield her from every evil and unholy influence…Beside this standing between his sister and danger every brother should also show her in his own life the ideal of the truest, purest, most honorable manhood…the truest defense a brother can make for his sister is a noble manhood in his own person.

Washington Irving wrote these pathetic words concerning the loss he had sustained in his life from having no sisters: “Often have I lamented that Providence denied me the companionship of sisters.  Often have I thought that had I been thus favored I should have been a better man.  There is many a man who would have been better if he had been blessed with sisters.  Every brother who has a sister should cherish her and let his heart go out to her in loyal, manly love.  He should prize her love for him as one of the sweetest flowers in earth’s garden, one of the most sacred and precious things of life, and he should love her with an affection deep, tender, and strong…”





Spring is finally here!


“And we will be ready to punish every act of disobedience, once your obedience is complete.” (2 Cor. 10:6)

If I am to train my children up to be godly men and women, and discipline them for “every act of disobedience”, I have to first become obedient myself.  The worldly concept of “do as I say, not as I do” is not logical or biblical.  Raising godly children starts with obedience…my own.

Just last year, a blinding light was shed on my life, revealing the sins that I had tried to keep in darkness for so long.  I was confronted with the ugly truth that even though I had spoken that sinner’s prayer all those years before, I had since fallen from grace.  I had deliberately kept on sinning, even though I had received the knowledge of the truth (Heb. 10:26).  My faith was dead.  This realization catapulted me into a whole new world that I had never seen before.  The light that was shed on my life now lit up the world around me, revealing sins and lies that I had never noticed before, or had become desensitized to.  It was heartbreaking and frustrating.  Why couldn’t everyone else see what I was seeing?  Why couldn’t everyone else see that we had cast God’s plan out the window to pursue our own selfish ambitions?  Why couldn’t they see that they weren’t doing nearly enough to ensure their children’s salvation?  And why couldn’t they see that what they were doing was all wrong!  Couldn’t they see that if we followed God’s design, our lives would be transformed!  Surely my fellow Christians needed a swift awakening, a slap in the face with the reality of what their worldly methods would do to their children, and God’s Kingdom!  I began passionately talking about my newfound truth with whoever would listen.  I was easily frustrated and angered by the seemingly inescapable Biblical contradiction all around me, especially in the teachings of our ‘modern’ churches.  I was surrounded by Christian families who were tossing God’s design out the window and creating one that better ‘suited’ them.  The things that I saw began to affect me in such a way that it became difficult to talk about anything else.  I was overwhelmed with emotions…

Then, recently, I began to be accused of being radical, judgmental, and legalistic.  I was seen as presenting myself as ‘holier than thou’, the picture of perfection.  I didn’t understand…  Couldn’t they see my genuine concern for them and my passion for God’s truth?  Didn’t they know that I was a struggling sinner, undeserving of His love and His mercy…a simple sinner who longed to please God and glorify His name? 

Even though I was deeply hurt by the accusations and false testimonies made against me, I forced myself to consider each charge against me, to see if there was any validity to it.  After careful consideration, I did begin to realize that I was trying to spread the truth by displaying ‘passion’ (a.k.a. anger and frustration) about what is wrong with the world around me.  By endlessly ranting about what we are all doing wrong, even without pointing fingers, I was doing the very thing that I disagreed with most about modern Christian culture, just on the opposite side of the spectrum.  There is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all, way to lead someone to repentance.  What worked for me wasn’t necessarily going to have the same affect on someone else.  I cannot reach everyone on a large scale with a message meant for just one.  God created us to be special and unique, and I need to take into consideration a person’s uniqueness when speaking with them about such issues.  I don’t want to be hindering God’s work by doing things my way, rather than His way.  I need to take my thoughts captive and not let myself be driven by my sinful nature (which results in feelings and expressions of frustration and anger), but by the Holy Spirit (which produces the fruit of love, kindness, and gentleness).  What’s worse is that my children look to me as an example, and they were often witnessing the sorrow and frustration, rather than the love and kindness.  I disagree with much of what is deemed acceptable in today’s society, but my constant (and sometimes obnoxious) show of disapproval is not changing anything! 

Regardless of whether or not the accusations that I had received were with ill intention or made out of love, I am so grateful that God can use everything for the good.  I pray that I continue to allow others to point out my sins and my character flaws.  My desire is to continue to grow and to learn, not to be “right”.  I pray that I will choose to learn from every situation and toss my pride aside in order to grow.

My sins and struggles that I am aware of and am in need of prayer for…

Gossiping, judging, anger, anxiety, selfishness, laziness, lack of submission to my husband, lack of patience, and falling tremendously short in my surrender to God’s control and his will for my life.

Thank you all so much for your support and your prayers. 




Modesty has been a topic on my mind quite a bit lately.  I’m feeling less and less comfortable in my present wardrobe with every passing day and more and more motivated to make a change.  I don’t wear mini-skirts, backless shirts or what might typically be thought of as “revealing” clothing (although, I used to), but I’m beginning to realize the negative effects that even today’s “modest” clothing has on our Christian brothers.  Reading this paper, a plea from a struggling Christian man for his sisters in Christ to think before they dress, has given me even more reason to make this change.  Let me know what you think…

 “To My Christian Sisters in the Body of Christ,

I am a brother in the Lord who wants to appeal to you for help. I love the Lord and am trying to please Him in every way. I also represent many other brothers who wish they could write this to you but just can’t find the words.

We men are in a battle for our minds and hearts daily. This world system assaults our eyes and mind with pictures, music, entertainment, and words that attack our goal of moral purity. Everywhere you turn there are images that appeal to the sensual flesh and drives. Beautiful women are used to sell and promote everything. Like Job, we have tried to make a covenant with our eyes that we will not sin against God, (Job 31:1) but it is becoming increasingly more difficult. The Devil has stepped up his attack to cripple us men through temptation and wandering eyes.

My appeal to you sisters is for an oasis in the Church. It’s one thing to struggle daily in the world, it’s quite another to have to do battle in the Church. We desire to attend church to worship and be strengthened at God’s house and hope for at least a pause in the battle with lust and compromise. The world’s system has crept into and is trying to corrupt the Church on every front; selfish leaders, worldly music and entertainment, and now even sensual and glamorous dressing by the sisters of all ages. In the pursuit of fashion and acceptance it appears that many sisters are caught up in and being used by the Devil without even knowing it.

God has designed men to be attracted by what they see. When a sister wears tight-fitting dresses, slinky, clingy clothes, short skirts, or sleeveless outfits, it’s a struggle! Eyes are drawn to what is highlighted on the body. Necklines that are low, or shirts unbuttoned, hems that are high, inappropriately placed broaches and necklaces all point to areas that we don’t want to focus on! These things can draw the eye to places they should not be. Age, weight, height, and other physical features do not matter. The Devil is using inappropriate dressing to cause brothers young and old alike to have to wage war even during worship! We attend Church to find relief and often end up leaving frustrated and defeated. Please help us! Please take a moment and think about what you are going to put on. Where will someone’s eyes go when they look at you? What part of your body do you really want men to be looking at? Shouldn’t it be the face and eyes? Please, please have mercy on your brothers who are trying to live a godly life. Let us have a few minutes away from temptation and struggles. Let us have a time of refreshing and peace.

I’m not asking you to wear burlap bags, but only modest, loose fitting, clothing that does not highlight and accent your figures. Draw attention to your eyes and smile. We are not lust crazed animals, but men of God who desire to walk with you as sisters and not have to struggle with you as a temptation. We will continue to do battle on our end, please assist us in our struggle by highlighting your face and not your body. Thanks for hearing our cry.

A Struggling Man Of God On Behalf Of My Brothers In Christ”

I found this paper on this church website

Also, here is the link to a modesty survey taken by other Christian men who are speaking up and being honest about what causes them to stumble… 

I nurture and treasure these blessings from God (Psa. 127:3, Psa. 144:12)

I enjoy and cherish them, delighting in each of these unique and special creations (Gen. 1:31, Psa. 139:13).

I minister to them, hiding God’s precious Word deep in their hearts (Deut. 4:9, Deut. 11:19, Psa. 34:11, Mark 9:37, Mark 10:14).

I pray for them and with them, encouraging the growth of their personal relationship with our Lord and Savior (Mark 10:16).

I lead them down the narrow path (Matt. 7:14) to righteousness (Rom. 6:16).

I protect them (Prov. 2:8-9, 1 Cor. 13:7). As the keeper of our home (Tit. 2:5), I guard them from the things of this world that will corrupt their impressionable minds or cause them to depart from God’s perfect way (Gen. 18:19, Luke 7:29, John 14:6).

I train them to be obedient to God’s Word (2 Cor. 10:5-6, Heb. 5:8-9, Tit. 3:1, 1 Pet. 1:14).

I correct and I rebuke them when they are disobedient (2 Tim. 4:2, Prov. 6:23, Prov. 29:15).

I discipline them with the rod (Prov. 13:24, Prov. 22:15, Prov. 29:17, Heb. 12:11, Rev. 3:19) because I desire for them to have a life full of knowledge and understanding (Prov. 12:1, Prov. 15:32), and honor and prudence (Prov. 13:18, Prov. 15:5), so that they can show others the way to life (Prov. 10:17). I refuse to be a willing party to their death (Prov. 19:18, Prov. 23:13).

THIS is love! Love is not only hugs, kisses, or praises. All of the other things that we do with our children in order to “train [them] up in the way [they] should go” (Prov. 22:6) are done with and out of love for them! And we need to love our children completely!

My promise to the precious blessings that God has entrusted in my care…

In Jesus, I am training my son to become a strong, bold, courageous, wise, trustworthy, selfless, faithful, mature, responsible, obedient, and loving leader, protector, pastor, and provider for his future wife and children, and I am training my daughter to become a patient, obedient, wise, nurturing, productive, creative, selfless, compassionate, noble, and loving helpmeet to her husband and dedicated mother to her children. AMEN!!!

Note: I posted this blog primarily to remind myself of the awesome, God-given role I play in my children’s lives and to keep me focused and faithful in that role. I hope that you find the same encouragement and direction from these scriptures as I did.