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Lately, especially now that I have this precious little miracle growing inside of my womb, the topic of abortion has been on my mind. Tonight I am grieving for all of the victims of abortion (the innocent babies, and the mothers who will be forever scarred). I have some very dear friends that are pro-choice, but I am really feeling like this is an issue that if looked at closely and in a more revealing light, some minds might be changed.

Today there are a staggering 1.3 million abortions performed every year in the United States. Between 1977-2007, the total number babies that were killed by abortion in this great country were 49,523,945. One baby is aborted every 26 seconds, 137 every hour, 3,304 every day, 23,196 every week, and 100,516 every month.

Although the women who are getting abortions in this country are from all backgrounds, races, and religious beliefs (women who identify themselves as Protestant unbelievably account for 37.4% of all abortions in the U.S.), it is generally thought that the biggest abortion advocates in this country are feminists…so why shouldn’t unborn children receive the same rights to life as women? The fight for a woman’s “right” to choose whether or not to keep or dispose of her unborn child does not even line up with the feminist agenda. Early feminists, such as Mary Wollstonecraft and Elizabeth Stanton, were even opposed to abortion because of their belief that all humans have worth and should have equal rights. What has changed? Has it become only about women’s rights, rather that the rights of all human beings? A woman should absolutely have the right to decide what happens to her own body, but should she have the right to end the innocent life of someone else? This is not even logical, much less moral!

I honestly believe that if women took a closer look at the details and procedures of abortion, that it would be at least much more difficult to continue being pro-choice. Here are some short excerpts of experiences with abortion, some from the mother’s perspective and also some from the doctors who have performed abortions. I do want to forewarn you that some of the stories are graphic and difficult to read.

“I had a quick sonogram and then received a shot of methrotrexate. After the shot, I came home…I went to bed that evening around 9 p.m….I continued contracting and bleeding most of the night. Around 3 in the morning, I went to the bathroom. When I stood up, I noticed that the pain and the pressure was not from clots, but from passing the placenta. When I looked in the commode, I saw laying in the center of the placenta my baby. I saw the baby’s perfectly formed hands, the little fingers. I remember the scream the came from my mouth…”[from a 7 week abortion] (Char, “I used to be pro-choice…but…”)

“Some of the women were a little apprehensive about it. We were told that in explaining to them that we could never use the word “babies”. It was always tissues, tissue of cells or cluster of cells or products of conception. We would then start the procedure.
The vacuum curettage is normally done between 6 and 8 weeks of pregnancy. The instrument is inserted into the woman’s uterus, and then the baby is sucked out of the uterus. She experiences the pain and the baby is then pulled into the jar. We would take it out of the little sac, lay it in the pan. The doctor would then come in and examine it. If he felt that it was adequate enough tissue, we would take the baby, put it into a jar and send it to the lab if the mother had insurance. If she had no insurance, the baby was simply put down the garbage disposal.” (Deborah Henry, Former Abortion Provider)

I used to be a “N.O.W.” woman. Then I saw what my 4 children looked like in the womb…before I killed them. My first abortion was when I was barely 16 yearls old, 1985, seems like so many years ago. I thought I was only 10 weeks pregnant, I went to an abortion clinic…They told me it was just a “blob”…”Hasn’t even formed yet”, they said. Well, turns out that I was about 16 weeks along. [When the doctor realized this]…they said it was “all right”…”just a little more complicated than expected”…draped me with a sheet so that I couldn’t see and went to work. If only I could have seen past that sheet…I would have never had another abortion again…” (anonymous woman, 37 years old)

These are just a few of the tragic but true stories of the reality of abortion. To read more stories like these, visit

It is approximately 3 weeks after fertilization that the baby’s heart begins to beat, pumping blood through the body. At 4 weeks, the arms and legs begin taking shape. At just 6 weeks, the brain emits waves which register on an EEG (which is the legal standard for determining whether or not someone is alive after birth). At 7 weeks, startle responses can be observed, fingers and toes are distinctly separated, and knee joints are present. By the 8th week of pregnancy (during which many abortions are performed, and most of which are done out of “convenience”), every organ is present and in place. Intermittent breathing motions (although there is no air present in the uterus) occur and the kidneys begin producing urine.

I am pleading to those of you who are pro-choice to examine the reality of abortion in a different light. Rather than seeing abortion as an economic relief or a crime reduction plan, see it for what it really is: the unjustifiable killing of innocent lives. Aren’t you thankful that your mother gave you the chance to live? If she had instead chosen to end your life, do you really believe that she should she have had the legal right to do so?


Obvious answer: no.  Eve did not have a doctor or midwife present for the birth of her sons.  Instead, she gave birth “unassisted”.  In todays society that is a ludicrous idea, and those who have had or plan to have unassisted home births are considered irresponsible and sometimes just plain crazy.  Doctors chime in with their obvious disapproval of this practice, saying that these unborn babies have the right to a c-section.  Well, isn’t it interesting that, all of a sudden now unborn babies have rights?  Or is it that only wanted  babies have rights and unwanted babies are expendable?  I can’t quite figure that one out…

The truth is that, yes, midwives are absolutely biblical.  They existed in biblical times and were considered to be wise and were probably appreciated by the laboring mothers they coached who lacked that same knowledge of labor and delivery.  The difference today is that we (all of us) have access to this knowledge (through internet, books, other mothers, past experiences, etc.) and we are no less capable of delivering our children than any “licenced professional” is.   The role that the midwife plays can be easily duplicated by a spouse, friend, mother, or sister (which I’m sure occurred often in biblical times, as there wasn’t a midwife available to everyone- not nearly).  The key here is to educate ourselves so that childbirth can be a beautiful, blessed experience, not a medical emergency needing intervention by a trained professional. 

The bottom line is that God is our great physician, and we live in a society where our Christian brothers and sisters are trusting doctors first and God second.  This is not only rediculous, but also dangerous.  Doctors and medical “professionals” have been raised to a status that is far beyond what a man should be, arguably even making them objects of idol worship.  Since when did our almighty and powerful God become less capable of taking care of us than a doctor or midwife could?  

Before I post this blog, I thought it might also be important to mention that I was also born at home, unassisted.  My mother did not seek medical attention during her pregnancy and gave birth to me in the living room of our home, with just my sister (1 1/2 years old at the time) present.  It may not have been planned, but isn’t it also crazy that unplanned unassisted homebirths are acceptable, but someone who takes the time and effort to plan a safe, unassisted homebirth is irresponsible??!  Crazy!!

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, I am not condemning or insulting doctors and midwives, or those who choose to use their assistance during labor and delivery.  Unassisted home birth is something that I was ignorant about for a long time, and I am simply trying to open some eyes to the safety (and biblical back-up) of a couple’s choice to deliver their baby at home, without the interference of medical personnel.

Okay, that concludes my thoughts on this for today 🙂

Just in case any of you were interested in watching the “American Heritage Series”, I did find out that it airs every Tuesday night (technically Wednesday) at midnight, and every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30pm (fyi~ it’s a 30 minute program).  I don’t know how long the program will be airing for, but I do know that it will be airing for at least the next two months.  Check it out if you get a chance! 🙂 

Before today, I wasn’t really familiar with the “Independent American Party” (a Protestant Christian theocratic political party), but I’ve been doing some reading about them this morning. I had no idea how much I agreed with their political views. Here’s a link to the “platform” of where they stand on such issues.

Independent American Party “Platform”

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet read everything there is to know about this political party, so I am not yet saying that I am in total agreement with them. I do agree with them on the issues that I have read about up to this point, though.

Last night I was up ridiculously late watching a program on TBN called “The American Heritage Series”. It is a series that uncovers some really interesting facts of American history that are conveniently left out of our public school social studies textbooks. For me, it really shed light on what made this country great and how that has changed dramatically since God was taken out of the picture (Psa. 111:10, Prov. 1:7), especially in the public education system. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any online videos of the series to share with you, but I did come across a website that had some similar information that I thought you might find interesting.

This is from the “Independent American Party” website (a few excerpts from a letter written by the chairman of the party to the members). I haven’t read anything else on the website aside from this page and one other, so if there is anything weird on there, please let me know. I just found the info on this particular page interesting and wanted to share…

“Our forefathers were educated and concerned citizens. They revered — and schools promoted — those values that made our nation great. Our early schools taught Christian heritage and good citizenship, as well as academic knowledge.

Our early textbooks included: The Bible. The New England Primer with a rhyming alphabet for Biblical verses. Webster’s Blueback Speller, an elementary book with spelling words like “loquacious,” “equinoctial,” “rapacious,” and “pestilential.” And Isaac Watts Hymnal with its Biblical principles.

The Federalist Papers were written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay for the average farmer of their day. (Yet graduate students of our day find them difficult to read.)

Christianity was the foundation of our educational system. And Christian education was made the center of America. It produced a caliber of men such as our founding fathers.

There is a “dumbing down” in our schools, fostered by Progressive Education. Outcome Based Education (OBE) curriculums focus on behavioral goals rather than academic ones. Schools focus on vocational rather than scholastic training. In 1902, the US literacy rate was 98%. In 1997 America’s high schools graduated 700,000 students who couldn’t read their own diplomas.

School sex education booklets inform teens of their “right to have sex.” The message “everybody is doing it” is powerful when coming from teachers and administrators. Sex-ed classes (apparently designed to destroy American moral values) promote pornography, “free love,” homosexuality and abortion.

There is a distorting of American history and a downgrading of American heroes. School kids read that our forefathers were atheists, agnostics or deists; and land-owners with selfish interests. The subjects of government, history, geography and economics have been compressed into a single course of Social Studies.

A modern trademark of totalitarian government is the control of education, so that the nation’s children can be taught what is “politically correct” rather than to think for themselves. This was true in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and is true in all Communist countries where an educational establishment serves as the “thought police” for the nation. The National Education Association (NEA) serves as a forerunner of that role in America. For in Psalms 11:3: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Bruce Bangerter, IAP National Chairman

Read the rest of the letter here

If you have the opportunity to, I recommend watching the TBN series. I believe that it airs again on Thursday May 8th, on Cornerstone Television at 8pm central time and Saturday at 7:30pm central time. It might be showing again on TBN, but I’m not sure when because it seems that the last showing was today..and I missed it:(

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Psalm 111:10

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” Proverbs1:7

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

I know that I haven’t posted in a while, but I hope that you can forgive me for that. 🙂 I have been feeling all of the icky pregnancy symptoms lately and have just been either too sick, too tired, or just too busy to write. I am feeling better today, though, so I thought I would just drop in to let you all know why I haven’t posted in so long.

So, I am now 6 weeks pregnant. What’s ridiculous is that I found out that I was pregnant at just 3 1/2 weeks, so I am feeling like this is going to be a loooong pregnancy!! But I’m excited, and even though I have not been feeling so well this past week, it will all be well worth it in 8 1/2 more months!!!

I’ve been especially excited to have a home birth this time around, but unfortunately there are no ‘licensed’ midwives within 40 miles of Leavenworth (my insurance company requires that they be ‘licensed’, not just certified). I would just go unassisted, but my husband is not quite on board with that just yet…:)

We haven’t decided what we are going to end up doing yet, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! I am really bummed about the lack of licensed midwives, and the closest birthing center (hospital alternative) is an hour away. 😦  Boooo!