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I just thought this was hilarious and wanted to share…

How to Properly Hug a Baby


I have grown out of nearly all of my clothes.  I can no longer button my pants and nearly all of my shirts are snug and barely reach the bottom of my belly.  But today, I was given a solution…

My dear, dear friend Lori suggested that until I’m able to get my maternity clothes, I can make my own belly band so that I can still wear the clothes that I already have!  I just took a snug-fitting, pre-preggo tank top that I used to wear as an undershirt and, instead of wearing it the way I normally would (with arms in straps), I pulled it down over my belly until the bottom was completely covering my unbuttoned, pre-preggo pants.  Then I tucked the straps into my bra (so that I wouldn’t have to cut the shirt and prevent the possibility of future use).  Now, I can wear my unbuttoned pants under my belly band and my snug-fitting shirts over my belly band (which creates a layered look).  No more raggedy sweat pants and bum t-shirts for me!  YAY!!!  Thank you, Lori!!! You ROCK!!! 🙂

Here’s my new look:


 18 weeks 🙂

As we sat down to eat dinner tonight, Sammy said to me, “Mommy, I just love to listen to songs about God.”

“That’s good, baby, ” I responded with a smile.

“Some people just don’t believe in God,” he continued.  “But there’s lots of people that do.”

“That’s true.”

“Like my friends in Arkansas!  They just LOVE God!”

Awww… We miss you Lori and family. 🙂

This evening, I was on the phone with my sister, sitting on the front porch, watching the kids play.  There was a strange noise off in the distance (possibly a car in need of repair or some sort of power tool).  My son’s ears perked up and he looked at me, confused.  “What was that noise?”  He asked me.  “It sounded like a black man.”  …What?  Did he really just say that it sounded like a black man

I quietly let my sister go, and nonchalantly asked him to repeat what he had said (thinking maybe I had heard him wrong).  He replied, “I said it sounded like a black man.”  

So I asked him, “What do you mean it sounded like a black man?”

“You know, it sounded like the black man…from Star Wars.”

“Darth Vader?”

“Yeah, Dark Vader.”


My husband and I have approached the issue of race with our children very delicately.  It has NEVER been an issue in our home because we have never made it an issue.  Our children naturally recognized that people were different colors as they grew older, and when they did we simply explained to them that God created us to be unique and that he thinks we are all beautiful.  This was something that my husband and I discussed long before my firstborn could even speak, as we felt it was an important issue that has been poorly handled in our society (especially in our public school system).  We have tried to approach the issue carefully and biblically, so you can imagine my surprise to hear my son say such a random statement!  Ah, the beauty of a child’s innocence…  I love it. 🙂


Suzanne, a dear friend of mine, asked me some questions in a comment she wrote in response to my “Going Unassisted” blog.  So I thought, rather than responding in the comment area, I would instead respond to her questions in a new post so that it would be more easily accessible for anyone else who had similar questions.  This was her comment…

“So I was wondering… If I “happen not to make it to the hospital” and our baby is born at home, what would a new mommy & daddy need to do for the baby immediately after he is born? Other than waiting before cutting the cord, and holding & nursing the baby, of course. There is possibility that we may not be at the hospital when the baby comes, due to the long drive, and if we are not, I would not care to go there after the fact. Also how do you get a social security number otherwise? I was just guessing you may have already done research on these things.

My biggest question (that my little sister asked me) is what to do about the whole suctioning out the mouth bit. If one truly had their baby “unprepared”. I did run into a lady the other day in Wal-mart, that had her baby in the car, due to the long drive to the hospital.”


Well first, to address the question in regards to suctioning the mouth.  There is usually no need to suction out the newborn baby’s mouth and nose.  After baby is born, you could merely lay the baby face down on your chest to help the mucous drain out on its own.  If the baby seems to need a little more help, you could elevate his bottom half just a bit by positioning him in a way so that his head is resting just slightly lower than the rest of his body.  If you still feel that the mucous isn’t draining sufficiently, you could always use a (sanitized) bulb syringe if you have one lying around.  If not, another way to clear the baby’s airway is to put your mouth over the baby’s nose and mouth and suck the mucous out yourself (and spit it out afterward, of course).  The thought of this may gross some people out, but you and I know that when it comes to the life of your child, you do what you have to do.  

Now, for the “happen not to make it to the hospital” question…   First, I would say that being prepared is very important.  Planned unassisted home births are not dangerous, but unplanned (and unprepared) unassisted home births can be (potentially).  Honestly though, Suzanne, I would say that judging from our previous conversations (and the simple fact that you have given birth to four healthy babies!) you would be in the “prepared” category.  Most of the suggestions I am about to give are things you probably already know…

You really don’t need any fancy equipment to give birth at home.  There are just a few things that would be handy to have around.  First, some sharp scissors (boiled for 20 minutes ~ to sterilize) for cutting the cord.  There is no rush to have these scissors sterilized and ready, since you will not want to even consider cutting the cord until the placenta has naturally delivered and the cord has stopped pulsing.  Delayed cord cutting not only helps reduce the chance of postpartum hemorrhage, but it also has significant health benefits for baby and can be very dangerous for mom and baby if clamped and cut too early.  Once the placenta has delivered and blood stops pulsing through the cord to the baby, you could use some sterilized string or floss to tie off the cord (instead of using clamps).

If it is an “emergency” situation where you cannot make it to the hospital, a shower curtain liner and some old towels can make for an easy clean-up if baby is born on, let’s say, the bedroom floor.  Also, if you own a crockpot, it would be a great place to keep hot wash cloths nearby for your dh to press down on your lower back or perineum when you are feeling the pressure from transition (or if a quick clean up is desired right after birth).

If for some reason you are having excessive bleeding after birth (more than 2 cups), there is something you could keep on hand that will naturally help to stop bleeding.  Cayenne pepper is a great way to naturally stop bleeding (note: if you mix cayenne with ginger, it cools the heat), whether from an external open would (which you could apply cayenne to directly), or for postpartum hemorrhaging (in which you would take the cayenne internally by swallowing ~ either in hot water or with food). 

In the event that you tear (which will unlikely happen if you have not had previous tearing or episiotomies and are in a position that does not put extra pressure on the perineum) super glue is a common method UCer’s use to treat a minor tear.  Of course, if the tear is very minor, some women will just let it heal naturally without the use of any glue, sutures, etc. and have healed just fine.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there is no need to do any real washing of the baby right after he is born (beside the gentle wipe down with a damp towel to remove any blood, etc.)  The vernix, although kind of cheesy looking, is actually a natural moisturizer that the baby’s body has produced in utero and can be gently rubbed into the skin to reduce or even prevent the drying and cracking of the skin you often see on newborn babies. 

Now, on to the social security question.  The requirements vary from state to state, but in Kansas it is extremely easy for parents who have given birth at home unassisted to obtain a birth certificate and social security card for their newborn baby.  There is an application worksheet (that you can get by calling the Kansas Dept. of Heath at (785)296-1400) that you would have to fill out and mail in with proof of pregnancy.  You can get proof of pregnancy from a doctor (if you have had prenatal care at a doctor’s office), a chiropractor, or from your local health department.  After you have mailed in your application and proof of pregnancy, they will send you a copy of the birth certificate.  At this point, you won’t even have to contact the social security office because vital records will do this for you automatically (as long as you check this box on your application), and you will receive the baby’s social security card in the mail.  Easy as pie.  🙂

Well, I hope I’ve answered your questions thoroughly, Suzanne.  If you have any more questions please let me know and if anyone else has any more tips or suggestions that you feel would be helpful please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

This year being my first gardening attempt, it hasn’t been going so well…  So you can just imagine how excited I was to check on my garden this morning and see these…




My carrots are also looking good so far, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like the cabbage is going to make it…



16 weeks, 2 days

For those of you who haven’t seen the haircut pics of Lena…

And the toothless pics of Sammy…

My baby is kicking…:)

If you’re like me, you cannot stand the smell that lingers on your hands after you handle or chop a strong smelling food (like onions, garlic, lobster, etc.) It seems like no matter how many times you wash your hands, the smell just won’t go away.  Here’s a remedy that I learned last year.  While you are washing your hands after handling the food, take a stainless steel spoon or two (or any other stainless steel object you have handy) and rub it all over your hands.  Rinse as normal and viola!  No more stink.  It’s magical.   Well, apparently there’s something in the metal that neutralizes the scent. 🙂