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35 weeks!

This is an excerpt from the Pastor’s Blog at the Hope Family Fellowship Church Website…

“I am currently reading another book by David Wells, entitled, God in the Wasteland – The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams. 1995 (You gotta love these titles!)

Anyway, his quote below is quite insightful:

“We have turned to a God that we can use, rather than to a God we must obey; we have turned to a God who will fulfill our needs, rather than to a God before whom we must surrender our rights to ourselves. He is a God for us, for our satisfaction – not because we have learned to think of Him in this way through Christ, but because we have learned to think of him this way through the marketplace. In the marketplace, everything is for us, for our pleasure, for our satisfaction, and we have come to assume that it must be so in the church as well. And so we transform the God of mercy into a God who is at our mercy.”

Wells’ premise is that the Church has lost its edge by renouncing sound theology and accepting modern, capitalistic thinking in everything spiritually related. The Church has been severely impacted by our society, rather than the reverse. This lack of theological desire and understanding has changed our foundational view of God and the Church, so instead of seeking God in search of how to obey His commands, we now seek Him for our personal fulfillment. We shop for God like we do a new car or piece of clothing. “I will take a bit of the mercy, grace, and of course joy, but please hold the waiting, struggles, and persecution.” “I prefer this, but none of that. I like the new, shiny, and modern version…don’t really care too much for that old stuff like creeds and doctrine. I prefer the new wave of feel good religion that enhances my self image…don’t care much for that rugged cross…I prefer the silky, satin feel of personal enhancement and leisure…” etc.etc.etc.

The truth is we must learn to go to God as Lord and Master. We were not born again into a democracy or a capitalistic system, but a divine Monarchy. We need to learn to bow at His throne in humility, receive the grace provided, and seek to fulfill His wishes; not to present our shopping list of demands for our personal happiness. We are drafted into His army, and the Commander in Chief of the universe has a plan. Our job, as good soldiers, is to learn and obey it. I enjoy the ease and comfortable life as much as anyone…however, when we are saved, we enter into war…and true warfare leaves little time for relaxation…”

What an important message!!!


So sweet!!!

Does a hospital have the legal right to keep fathers out of the delivery room?

I am not referring to normal vaginal births, or even cesareans done while the mother is awake (I know that fathers are, at least most of the time, welcome to be present to these). I am referring to the cesareans that are done when general anesthesia is used and mom is asleep for the surgery. At every hospital that I’ve spoken to, I am told that fathers are not allowed in the room under these circumstances. I am curious to know if the hospital has the legal right to keep them out, or if they merely word their claims in a way to make you feel like you have no choice. If fathers demanded to be present (or if the mothers demanded it on their behalf) to witness the surgery, does he have that legal right to do so?  If anyone knows or could find out the answer to this question I would really appreciate it!
Just to clarify, I am not asking whether or not hospitals merely claim that fathers are not allowed when the mother is under general anesthesia. My question is whether or not they have the legal right to refuse him if he was to demand to be present. I find it quite disturbing that when a woman is put under she is not allowed a witness to be present. I don’t see how that is legal, regardless of whether or not it is more convenient for the doctor.

As some of you know, I walked out on a church service last Sunday when the Pastor’s wife stood from the pulpit and proclaimed that Obama was a “righteous seed that was planted by God in this great nation.” I was so incredibly disturbed and grieved over this obviously FALSE statement made by a so-called woman of God, that I wept during the entire ride home. I was even more grieved over the nods I witnessed from both the pastor and others in the congregation over her claims. A righteous seed??! Really??!! This man’s moral compass tells him that a woman should have the legal right to take the life of a child that God knit in her womb…to take a life that God created. And why? Because it is inconvenient or unplanned?! Scripture tells us that children are a reward! A blessing!! But somehow we have the right to reject His blessings by means of murder??!! I’m sorry folks, but this is NOT a righteous belief and this is NOT a righteous man.

So, how can so many people who claim to be Christians support this man? How can so many blindly believe that he is a Christian man with Christian values, yet disregard all of the evidence that proves otherwise?? I don’t understand! His beliefs and moral standards clearly do NOT line up with the Word of God. So why are so many churches across America celebrating in his victory for the White House? This is a sad, sad day for the Christian community. I pray for God’s forgiveness over all of those who have been deceived or have blindly followed this man’s lies and have bought into his watered down, twisted version of the Christian faith and his own invented version of who God is.

For those of you who have not heard Obama speak about what it is that he believes, you can read the transcript of a full interview here. Please share this with anyone who you think might benefit from this information, especially those you know who are true followers of Christ, but have been deceived, as so many have been.

Thanks, as always, for listening to my rant:)

I used these easy instructions to make Alena a really cute jean skirt out of some old jeans that were too short for her.  Here are the pictures!




These skirts are great for us because, unfortunately, mini-skirts are “in style” for our little girls today, and it can be really hard to find a jean skirt that reaches to or below the knee.  These turned out to be a great length for Lena, and they look really cute with her new homemade babylegs! 🙂

**If you would like to make a longer skirt, you could always fill in the gap with another material instead of using fabric from the bottom of the pants.

I made four pairs of “babylegs” today (which I made out of 4 pairs of women’s socks that I bought at Walmart for $2 a pair). Here are some pics!


Now I just have to make some boy-friendly babylegs:)

I just found this pattern for making your own baby shoes.  Absolutely adorable…

I was first introduced to Babylegs by a friend who uses them for her babies and I absolutely fell in love.  They are not only adorable, they are also very practical and convenient (for diaper changing, babywearing, etc.).  The only problem is…they are CRAZY EXPENSIVE ($12-$28 a pair)!!!  Well, I came across some simple instructions for making your own babylegs at this woman’s blog. They are super easy and super cheap!!!  I’m so excited, I cannot wait to start making some!