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In her handmade recycled sweater-pants!



I made these recycled sweater pants for Alena, out of the sleeves of one of my husband’s old sweaters.  Find the VERY easy tutorial on how to do it here.  The tutorial is for making a diaper cover, but you can replace the wool sweater with any sweater or long sleeve tee and make some warm, comfy pajama pants!



Just in case this is what you were thinking, I am not recycling old underwear!  Instead, I recycled an old t-shirt into a pair of boys, boxer-brief underwear.  I actually discovered this idea after a botched attempt to make a boys t-shirt out of my husband’s old t-shirt and needed to figure out what to do with the fabric so it wouldn’t go to waste (it was one of my husbands favorite old t-shirts ~ Dragonball Z).  I just used a pair of Sammy’s underwear as the pattern, cut two pieces (front and back) and sewed it together.  I put elastic in the waistband and used the bottom hem of the t-shirt for the hem of the legs.  Here’s the finished product!




They fit perfectly!

Using a tutorial for how to make pants out of pants, I made these pants for Alena…


Unfortunately, they were so small up top that Lena couldn’t even take them off by herself (I hardly could either!).  My pants were just not wide enough.   I was hoping that the stretchy material would make up for that, but it didn’t. Now I’m trying to find a skinny little 2-3 year old to give these pants to…

Well, after the error with the first pair of pants, I decided to try it once more.  This time I used an old pair of my husband’s pants and the results were much better!





I didn’t use elastic in the waist as it suggested in the tutorial ~  I used the waistband of my husband’s pants instead.  They ended up being pretty big, but I’m okay with that.  Room to grow!

Free clothes are GREAT!!!

They may not be very pretty, but they are cheap and functional.  I made these two covers out of an old wool sweater I bought at Goodwill for $4.50.  I was able to make two newborn “shorties” and one pair of capri-pants out of just the one women’s sweater (size small).  I’m going to be searching other thrift stores for larger wool sweaters (preferably ones that are a little prettier 🙂 ).



I used this pattern to make these recycled wool covers.

When I was pregnant with Amira, I looked and looked for a baby wrap that was affordable, comfortable, wearable for extended periods of time, and pretty. 🙂  I sacrificed the pretty for the affordable, comfortable and wearable, though, and went with the Moby Wrap.  I LOVE my Moby Wrap, but wish that it didn’t cost $20 more to buy the wrap with the pretty panel of fabric on the front (Moby D Wrap).  Well, I have recently been spending an insane amount of time on (thanks Jeni), and I found a stay-at-home mom who handmakes some beautiful wraps for the same price as the Moby, but much prettier.  Her company’s name is Lovey Duds and you can visit her website here (you can also find her items on Etsy).  I might be brave enough one day to add a panel of fabric to my Moby Wrap, but until then (or if I decide not to risk damaging that $40 piece of fabric), I think I’ll be saving up for one of these!  So pretty!  And SO MANY colors and prints!  Here is a picture of one of them:





Crazy girl…:)



And Sammy and Alena ~ doing “The Penguin”…


Oh!  And there goes Tina again…:)



Amira finally fits her babylegs!!  So cute!!!


Sammy and Alena are absolutely IN LOVE with their baby sister…


Amira, wearing her first cloth diaper…


She’s getting so big!


I am in LOVE with this cloth diaper pattern (you can find the link to it in my favorite blogs under “Home of the RRP”)!  This second cloth diaper was made using an old, stained cotton baby blanket and a layer of a waterproof sheet I bought for our homebirth.  How exciting that I was able to make an all-in-one diaper with stuff I just had laying around the house!!  I’m going to be making inserts to stuff it with out of my husband’s old t-shirts he has bagged up in the basement.  LOVE IT!!!