I love learning and growing in the Word of God.


I enjoy talking with and listening to my amazing husband who has been such an amazing encouragement and support to me over the years.  I am always amazed at the size of this man’s heart and his ability to forgive.


I have the blessed opportunity to teach, train, nurture, and enjoy my two little ones.  There was a time that raising my children felt like more of a burden than a blessing.  I’m so deeply thankful that through God’s grace and His love, I have been delivered from the pit of despair and hopelessness that I was trapped in and now see the endless possibilities of contentment and joy in God’s perfect design.  He has remained faithful and continues to light my way to freedom.

I always look forward to chatting with my sister, who has been an absolute blessing in my life.  She has been a very dear friend to me, as well as an outstanding accountablity partner!  Even though we live thousands of miles away, we still manage to grow closer with every passing day!

I also look forward to the brief, but meaningful, phone conversations with my beloved friend and counselor, Lori.  Since the day that I met her, almost 6 years ago, she has been my precious Titus 2 teacher, training me to love my husband and my children and to embrace my God-given role as keeper of my home.  I am so thankful to my gracious and faithful God, for blessing my life with these two wonderful women!

I have recently reconnected with a wonderful woman who was my best friend in high school and I thoroughly enjoy receiving her phone calls, which she usually makes during her morning commute to work:) .  She has blessed my life in so many ways and I know that God is working in both of our lives through the friendship that we share.  It’s amazing how far we’ve come since our high school days, but it is such a blessing to share those experiences with her and relate to eachother in that unique way.  The continued work that God has done in our lives is such a testimony of his faithfulness and mercy, and I am so grateful to Jeni for that frequent reminder.

I have recently carried my sewing machine out of the basement, wiped off the layer of dust, and started to sew again.  Although at times it can be slightly frustrating, I am certain that with a little practice, I will enjoy it immensely!  I believe that I may have finally mastered the circle skirt!

I am learning and growing every day, discovering more and more of the blessings and joy that come with God’s purpose for my life.  What most interests me is the very reason I find enjoyment in my role and duties as wife and mother, and is my sole reason for being… to bring glory and honor to the name of my Almighty and Powerful God!